Solar eclipse of July 2

Solar eclipse of July 2

Tuesday July 2, 2019  a total solar eclipse that will be seen will occur in the  Pacific Ocean Chile  and dusk, in  Argentina  as well as  Uruguay .

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and Sun, totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth.

It occurs when the apparent diameter of the Moon is greater than the Sun, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. This total eclipse will occur in a narrow strip about 200 km wide.

Earth’s rotation ensures that this area you scroll through the surface of the Earth always from west to east, forming a  band of totality . On both sides of this band and in a region thousands of kilometers wide, observers speak of partial eclipse, and even further from the Sun will have shone like every day.

More than 30,000 people

Including some 9,000 tourists will reach towns of San Juan to witness a total of 2 solar eclipse next July, reported Tuesday the Ministry of Tourism and Culture sanjuanino.

The total eclipse

It can be seen in few places on earth, including San Juan, and will be repeated within 56 years at the northern end of the province and within 212 years in the provincial capital.

The sanjuaninas locations where you can appreciate this phenomenon clearly are Bella Vista, Villa Nueva, Las Flores, Jachal, north of the city of S an Juan, Villa Mercedes, the Prosecutor Huaco, Mogna, Villa San Agustin, Las Tumanas, Chucuma, Marayes and Caucete .

The importance of this eclipse of July 2, 2019, to be seen from Argentina

It is that it is total. While we are used to have lunar eclipses, the Sun rarely you have chance in life to see it. It is a unique event in the life of a person. It will be seen from the center of Argentina, in Buenos Aires and starts passing through Santa Fe and Cordoba and continues towards the area of ​​the mountain range.

The duration

The total duration of the eclipse will be about five minutes , during that time we will see how the sun’s surface is covered so it will look like at night , «» explained astronomer at the Observatory of Córdoba, Cristian Giuppone .


In all cultures and in all religions it is believed, from the remotest antiquity, a solar eclipse is a mysterious phenomenon, an enigma and an accumulation of omens announcing big and terrible events and even fear of people bow to think that will be disastrous, that’s not entirely true.

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