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Roswell – New Mexico, Alien & UFOs, 72 years have passed

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LAS MENTIRAS DEL CASO ROSWELL El Incidente OVNI de Roswell seguirá siendo un misterio. 2 e1562621514180

Roswell – New Mexico, Alien & UFOs, 72 years have passed

THE LIES OF THE CASE ROSWELL – Roswell UFO incident remain a mystery.

  Caso Roswell OVNI CAE SOBRE LA TIERRA, Se cumplen 72 años

UFO falls on the ground, 72 years Roswell are met

On 8 July 1947 the United States Army reported the «capture» of a «flying saucer unidentified ‘UFO non – terrestrial origin, with the recovery of several bodies of aliens .

72 years Roswell, a subject full of truths and lies

THE LIES OF THE CASE ROSWELL - Roswell UFO incident remain a mystery.

THE LIES OF THE CASE ROSWELL – Roswell UFO incident remain a mystery.

A ship of non – terrestrial origin (a balloon according to the official version), was detected by radar and crashed near the town ofRoswell in New Mexico 

On July 8, 1947 was published in the press the announcement by the army of the United States of » capture » of the remains of a ‘UFO ‘ on a ranch near Roswell . The Communication Officer Army Air Base in Roswell , Walter Haut , issued a press release. It was the first statement which it was changed repeatedly until you reach the conclusion that due to a balloon of human origin.

  ¿Ovnis en el Renacimiento? Los extraterrestres están con nosotros desde SIEMPRE

Roswell UFO case falls on the ground, 72 years have passed

What happened in Roswell dates back to June . Mac Brazel , a farmer from New Mexico , discovered some remains scattered his ranch, located in New Mexico.

A publication detailing the issue, the news was issued by the newspaper Roswell Daily Record counting the mysterious device was an object the size of a table, had a style rubber and a paper – like silver scattered gray metallic material, but, He not counted by any metal that could have been an engine or propulsion apparatus.

Following the publication of military statement and visit to the impact zone of the UFO , version changes the facts saying that it was because of the incredible impact of a globe of Mogul Project , with which the United States sought to spy on the Soviet Union. Several military reports later corroborated this version.

ABSURD AND HAIR THINGS TAKEN: Testing began in 1953 and the incident occurred in 1947 . Realizing that people already noticed an absurd lie, the military said that «witnesses forget the dates» «who talk about it do not know» but, nevertheless, the event appeared in a large number of rotary press in the US and rest of the world since the incident happened where, 1947. This contradiction in the Roswell UFO incident did nothing but feed the theories on a darker side paranormal and everything related to alien beings already with us.

Until 1978 , the incident of Roswell pass unnoticed, until researchers Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore compared the results of interviews each had conducted. Globe version was null and made its way the hypothesis of a ship accident of non – terrestrial origin, with the recovery of several bodies of beings from other worlds, the famous aliens. 

They could be seen the bodies of aliens

Barney Barnett said he saw the bodies of aliens , one of whom was in agonizing state . Researchers say that four bodies were recovered and others were many more. In 1995 , television producer Ray Santilli claimed to have in his possession the film with aliens autopsies.

Edgar Mitchell , the famous  Apollo 14 astronaut was not a direct witness, but said on numerous occasions that Roswell was a real incident involving beings from other planets . » I have seen the UFO secret files , there is no doubt that there was contact with extraterrestrials .»

The Roswell UFO incident will remain a mystery . While still covering the INFORMATION to slow the growth of humanity for all alike.

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