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New Acid Planet: Ezekiel Frezza – TOP Argentinian DJ / Producer is Interviewed by New Acid Planet!

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Ezekiel Frezza – TOP Argentinian DJ / Producer is Interviewed by New Acid Planet!

New Acid Planet Interview with Argentinian DJ and Producer Ezekiel Frezza

Ezekiel Frezza is an Argentinian Producer DJ covering a wide variety of genres including Dance and Electronic, House and more. Ezekiel has a large following of some 177 k Face Book fans, 84k Twitter and 28 k Instagram followers!

Coming from a family with music in their blood, his father, Eduado Frezza a most noteworthy musician who founded the 1970’s band, EL RELOJ.

( ).

Ezekeil’s music career was formed from rock when he was playing bass. He later went on to form a 2-piece with Martin Lucero. With the release of ABTERNO ( )

Both artists became interested in electronic music and went on to become separate artists with their own performances, bringing with them the high energy in both their music and song.

You can catch some of Ezekiel’s music on You Tube..

With a performance at Nuestros Suenos -Our dreams – a concert held at Luna Park ,CABA, Argentina

( ) which attracted a large audience, Ezekiel has travelled many countries around the world including opening for many very high profile artists.



New Acid Planet was able to interview Ezekiel; read on to discover some information that you may not already know!

Hi Ezekiel, thank you for allowing me to interview you!

1) Does having a family member in music, and one as prominent as a pioneer in the Rock genre, see it as a great foundation for your music?

Partly if, at birth with music by my father, founder of the band EL RELOJ, being one of the pioneering bands in Argentine Rock, I began to determine that I liked it. I learned to play bass, a little guitar and piano.

I was part of several groups, being a bassist. However, I didn’t feel totally satisfied; I needed to keep looking for my own style until I came to discover electronic music.

2) Was it a complete change for your career, to go from rock to electronic? Is this where your passion is?

Yes, it was, to find myself in something new where I didn’t have to use an instrument, but to use them only in production and get on with the real-time mixing of a track.

It used to be said years ago, that electronic music had no feeling and that they were machines; how much they were confused and continue to do so!

Composing Trance or any other style is part of everything. Of course, there are those who produce based on loops, but also those who, with a piano, compose something which then follows the production and thus the project is open for any future changes.

3) If you didn’t have electronic instruments, would you have continued rock and perhaps exposed other subgenres? Perhaps you would have considered metal, for example? Or Melodic?

Yes, I have been through that part, being very young, at the age of 12, I started studying Heavy Metal. I was very interested in the double bass drum and also the mixing and inclusion of classical music in it.

4) You have supported acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars. What do you get from the experience, compared to those in your own programs?

That I stepped on the stage of a concert of the band 30STM was a very nice experience; to see that today the differences in music and in the tastes of people, are not so closed the niches of styles as before. Everything is music.

Today we can see at festivals where a DJ mixes a vintage theme… rock band or other style, such as Nirvana, etc.

EDM events unify many styles; I think that every day, all styles come together more, and it is ‘LISTEN MUSICA’ – Listen to the Music experience, and not a particular style.

5) Your music is so inspiring and uplifting! So positive! Your motto ‘Music is Universal’, what is your interpretation of the meaning of this?

That came out by the theory that everything comes from vibration, that everything is in tune at different frequencies. Music communicates feelings and sensations. It marks moments and unites people – unites us to what generates thinking, creating, many things depending on the energy and vibration with which it is composed… But it can be transformed depending on one’s vibration at that time.

That’s why I think both advertising and movies are doing a frequency study to stimulate people.

6) Which equipment/instruments do you use most of the time and what is the most unusual object you have used as a musical instrument?

Always piano (keys) today with sounds inside FL Studio libraries. Rarely with the guitar, and many others humming a melody that crosses my mind.

7) How does the melody of a track come to you? Do you start with a chord, an idea or touch the keyboard and let ideas flow between your fingers? If so, do you start recording or have you already pressed the REC button?

Music is born to me as if it were a movie trailer… regarding a situation… see a dog on the street… or a cat… one person, one couple… generates in my head the scene in slow motion… imagine the pianos… the keys… sounds and more…

By composing and shaping the idea, I create a script of one, thus generating a vibration which will be reflected in the future track for those who hear it can interpret or modify it.

«Music is the language of the soul» It is interpreted with feelings that generates us…

8) Do you find inspiration in them for your music?

Not particularly, despite whether wanting to share each created note, believing that the music is already written in the ether, who discovers and captures it can share it.

First, I try to see what it generates in me, so I have a folder with many projects that were forgotten by not generating anything, for the moment.

I think it doesn’t matter how much, when you go into the ego of doing things so that a group of people applaud you is when the track doesn’t reach anyone…

It’s creating, sharing and synergy with those who manage to feel something! energy spins between us…

9) With the current technologies and keyboards that ROMULATORS can store from so many older machines Do you have a favorite machine you’d like to have and maybe now can’t get?

No, I have the theory that it doesn’t matter with what, but how.

Today many believe that with a supercomputer or the best software on the market where the license can cost thousands of dollars… That’s it!

And it’s not like that, creativity makes the product good.

10) Do you feel that your musical style has grown since you switched to electronic music? Does it change after you have completed an album?

I think every day you self-assess; you see a variable in everything you do, a small personal growth and that makes when you look back you see the difference.

Also in tastes there is no law, can a person walk a lifetime with a famous HIT which would not change it for anything, so thousands of songs regardless of their time continue to sound as they were composed from the beginning.

11) When you remix other artists’ music, what decides on a particular track? Is it the artist or something on the chosen track that caught your eye?

In the beginning, I used to mix music from others, but before editing parts of tracks and turning them into loops to play with the tracks.

Today and not years ago, I have many songs, surpassing in which I usually use about 50…

12) I see you’ve posted some simple but beautiful photos that are pretty uplifting! But it also publishes current political and global images. Are you afraid of the future of our planet?

It is not fear of the future, I believe that it does not exist, it is waiting for what we write day by day… The past is not… the future is uncertain, and we only have the present; we have to learn to pay attention, beautiful things always happen!

I am sorry that we live in a wonderful world where evil is used as power, power to subdue the next.

A world where the present is for many to destroy where we live in exchange for money, estado de conciencia that the selfishness of the few blind many to refer them to a state of uncertain consciousness, to take away their hope, the dream,ato make them believe that they cannot, thus take away their belief in one, WE ARE ALL CREATORS, to believe in the invisible, to think is to create, only to materialize to transform our experience on this plane.

13) What makes you happy?

To enter into harmony with myself and everything, to live the present, to be connected to the Source, to know that day by day I will find the story of my life script.

Life is like a movie, we are the protagonists and writers, every day we write a chapter. The end is uncertain!

14) What’s your favorite food? Why is that?

I love pasta.

I also cook them, I have the machine to make noodles, part of my heritage of Italian families. :D


Instagram: @EzekielFrezza

Ezekiel, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions and participate in my artist articles.

I appreciate your time and wish you all the best and hope venues and travel will open soon so you can spread your music around the world in live shows.


Fuente: New Acid Planet

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