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Is California closer to the Big One? State of San Andreas

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Is California closer to the Big One? State of San Andreas

You are closer to the «Big One»?

With the » Big One » refer to a catastrophic earthquake, according to seismologists, and by calculation of 150 years it must have occurred. Fears returned to untie this week. An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 shook Friday night Southern California.

Most of them and potentially more dangerous is the f beyond San Andrés , which crosses the state from north to south and extends over 1,300 kilometers .
Earthquakes of this week did not occur in that failure, but its proximity raises concerns.

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On it’s urban centers sit Los Angeles , the second most populous city USA, and San Diego , and 38 million people who live nearby.

Big One, Question Time



For now only part of the failure ago broke 160 years and the northern part of the year 1906 , causing the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that destroyed much of San Francisco in 1906 and left more than 3,000 dead .

San Andreas Fault USA, JULY Before a prophecy for 2019, something approaching Today

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The San Andreas fault, next big earthquake 2019

At Utah State University , geologist Susanne Jänecke , gave a hypothesis about the location and geometry of the area where the next big earthquake could occur.

Scientists have found that the high activity of the San Andreas fault occurs every 150 years. 
The quake on Thursday raised concerns among residents of California and nearby states of USA , due to the location of the activity of the San Andreas fault in about 1300 km across the state of California, USA and Baja California, Mexico .

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The theory of the «Big One»: what is the apocalyptic phenomenon in the San Andreas fault

Due to the movement of the Pacific Plate – San Andreas Fault USA

The movement of the Pacific plate, which enters the Gulf of California and north of the San Andreas fault in the course of 50,000 years peninsula Baja California will move to the north, away from Mexico and becoming an island . This is not prophecy, AS WE ARE ALL THE CAREFUL : PROPHECY 20 JULY 2019

In this fault earthquakes originate steadily , most so imperceptible , this means that the infrastructure to prevent them before they arise are not enough speed occurring.

Imminent risk – US San Andreas Fault

The Really Big One
Ver este vídeo en YouTube.

Previous records seismic activity have every 150 years now have passed 300 years without this there is movement , which represents an accumulation of energy that when freed could trigger one of the most destructive earthquakes in history .

Los Angeles and surrounding communities , preparing for an emergency situation , scientists predict that this major earthquake could occur within the next 30 years .

JULY 2019 – The next big earthquake – San Andreas Fault USA

Susanne Jänecke , made one of the assumptions on which was working on the location and geometry of the fault zone covered by sediments more than a decade. After obtaining funding from the Southern California Earthquake Center in 2011, along with Dan Markowski (MS’16, Geology) of USA , they began the arduous task of documenting the area with geological analysis. It revealed a cut area of nearly 15.5 miles long with two almost parallel cross faults and hundreds of smaller, similar to steps master faults.

«We now have critical evidence about the possible nucleation site next major earthquake on the San Andreas fault , « said Jänecke , professor in the Department of Geology at the USU . » It was thought that possible nucleation site was a small area near Bombay Beach, California, but our work suggests that there could be a ‘fuse’ longest south of Escalera Durmid within the seismic zone Brawley 37 miles long « .

Future earthquakes in that area or near the San Andreas fault could potentially trigger a cascade of earthquakes that lead to the long delay that scientists hope along the zone fault south of San Andres .

¿California will come off America by a large earthquake?

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