Giant Fish Warning Of Coming Earthquake And Tsunami – California 2019

Publicado por 8 julio, 2019
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Giant Oarfish 2019

Giant Oarfish ‘Warning’ Of Coming Earthquake And Tsunami – California 2019

Before the earthquake in Fukushima in 2011 , they appeared several fish oar in Japanese coasts . The belief has been refuted by scientists who have said on several occasions that the appearance of this animal may be a sign of some upcoming event although many believe it is due to people not worry that befall the appearance of the fish.
After three weeks of finding the fish rowing, two powerful earthquakes occurred on Thursday and Friday, which shook much of the state of California. 

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Recently, a fisherman became one of the few people to see and hold a copy of this species called Regalecus glesne, the fishermansaved his life.

The rare encounter occurred last month on a beach Mexican in the East Cape of Baja California .  Noah Thompson , 24, and Jacob Thompson , 17, were ready to begin a day of fishing.


GIANT FISH presage Earthquake A myth or real?

In 1848 an English ship raised the global alert and from that moment he was born a myth that later became reality: the HMS Dedalus sailed the South Atlantic when out of nowhere appeared a “sea serpent”.

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Almost 100 years earlier, in Greenland the first voices raised about a stranger who was in the sea , but the British were the first who could fully describe the enigmatic creature .

Other crew of several ships reported having seen something similar, until it found its existence: it was not a “serpent marina”, but a fish that lives in the depths of the oceans.

Its scientific name is giant oarfish , but is better known as Pez Remo . It is rarely seen, AND MOST OF THE TIME IS WHEN OCCUR BY EARTHQUAKE – EARTHQUAKE .

The people of Japan fear that another disaster occurs on their land

On the beaches of Japan they have appeared three fish that portend earthquakes and tsunamis .

It is three fish oars, which live in deep waters . Two of them were found in Toyama Bay.

Japanese feature that is very rare for this species look on the surface. They are known as ‘ messengers of the palace of the sea god ‘ and the popular belief that become stranded on the surface before an earthquake to be escaping from the beginnings of it in the ocean.