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«Qi» or «Vital Energy» How to Meditate with Crystals?

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Meditate with Crystals: maybe have some crystals Or have you seen them in a studio? yoga o meditation, and wondering how to meditate with crystals, or why anyone would do it.

«Qi» or «Vital Energy» How to Meditate with Crystals? Crystals are more than pretty rocks. (Technically they are minerals). Ancient writings show that crystals have been used in healing for a long time; it is only recently that western culture has adopted them in revivals of various practices of the New era.

The modern belief that crystals have healing powers dates back to Mesopotamia, the old Egypt, 1 Greece y Rome. 2 Also in medicine China, the crystals are believed to contain "qi" o "Vital energy". in faith buddhist, crystals are used as messengers to transmit various energies.

This article explores how to choose your meditation crystals, how to meditate with them, and also discusses the criticism this practice has faced.

How to choose crystals?

“Have an open heart and an open mind and be very curious when you are collecting stones in a store,” he says, “because they are all alive. Just listen to what appeals to you at that moment.”

One of the great benefits of crystals is that "We may be so up in our heads, but crystals can help us be more grounded and grounded in the moment by giving us a connection to the earth."

But if you're the kind of person who needs a little more structure or guidance as you learn to trust your intuition, look for information on how to start exploring the world of crystals.


For example, if you're looking to feel more grounded, orange, red, metal, or deep earth-tone colored crystals are recommended. If you are looking to connect to a higher realm, clear crystals are great.

Here are some specific crystals to get you started and why you might choose them:

  • clear quartz : Excellent as an introductory crystal, as it is sometimes considered a "master" crystal that takes on whatever energy you attribute to it.
  • Amethyst : used for mental clarity.
  • celestite : Associated with inner peace.
  • Celenite : It can cleanse other crystals and is powerful for meditation.
  • peacock ore : Brings great happiness and joy.
  • petrified wood : Calms fears about survival
  • Eye tiger : Associated with finding courage and confidence.
  • Mookaite : a nurturing stone that can be used when you are experiencing stress
  • Tourmaline : Helps banish negative energy, whether it's yours or someone else's.
  • Pink quartz : Dispels negative energy and replaces it with the energy of love, while promoting self-love and inner peace.

If you find that a certain stone seems to be drawing you in, then that is the perfect stone to select.

How to Meditate with Crystals

How to Meditate with Crystals

knowing your crystals

Because crystals are said to have energy, Gitana emphasized "knowing" your crystals. “To connect with them, you can sleep with them or have them next to your bed. Just keep them as partners and know their energy. You will find what these stones want to present to you.”

It also says you can "program" your crystals. For example, if you're having a hard time flying on a plane, you can talk to her favorite crystal and ask her to prepare and support you, she says. The crystals are also programmed in technology to transmit energy.
how to meditate with crystals

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There is no "wrong" way to meditate with crystals

  • set your intention . What do you want to focus on while meditating? What do you expect to feel? Select a crystal or crystals that appeal to you for those reasons. Remember: there are no "wrong" crystals!
  • Choose a song . You may want to play soft music or meditate quietly. Sometimes she sings or sings to "activate" the crystals.
  • Place them in your right hand. It is preferable to place them in the right hand, since it is the most "respected" hand. Or, if it feels more organic, you can place one in each hand.
  • Incorporate your body . You may want to put stones on the body. Lie down and put on meditation music and play it on areas of your body connected to different chakras, known as the energy centers in the body. Placing them on these parts of your body can help you use your intuition. A particularly good one to start with is to place a crystal on the third eye chakra, which is located on the forehead between the eyes. This is said to help ground you in the space you are in.
  • To feel comfortable. Find a relaxing space and listen to the messages the stones send you as you meditate.
  • Go slow . Take your time coming out of the meditation and take some time to process anything that may have come up during the meditation. You may want to take some time to journal about anything that comes up or what you think the crystals are trying to tell you.


While there are many people who practice crystal meditation, there are people who are not in favor of this practice. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why.
Cultural appropriation.

Crystals have been used for healing throughout history long before they came into use in the Western world. They have been used for rituals in the buddhism, el Judaism, that native americans and Egyptians.

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Many of these groups were often persecuted for using these practices.

If you choose to participate in practices such as crystal healingBe sure to respect their history and background and practice cultural appreciation, rather than cultural appropriation.

An investigation found that many crystals are mined irresponsibly,4 so also be sure to ask where your crystals come from when you buy them, and buy from indigenous people if you can.

It is difficult to know for sure if the use of crystals really works

However, little research exists to show that crystals themselves actually help. Instead, research has shown the power of both the placebo effect and interpersonal healing.

Although the placebo effect has been derided as evidence that a certain drug doesn't work, researchers are beginning to see it as evidence of just how strong the brain-body connection can be.

In other words, let's say you take a pill that is supposed to help reduce the severity of your migraines, but this pill is a placebo, meaning that it doesn't actually contain any ingredients that reduce the severity of your headache. However, after taking it, you begin to feel better over time.

The fact that you feel better may indicate that even though the drug itself doesn't work, the fact that your brain believes it does and responds accordingly shows how powerful the brain-body connection is.

So maybe the crystals won't work, but if a placebo effect occurs and you notice signs of healing, then it's possible that using crystals is really beneficial for you.

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