A girl of 10 years, the youngest person to climb El Capitan, California USA

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A girl of 10 years, the youngest person to climb El Capitan, California USA

The under age 10 became the youngest person to climb El Capitan (Photo: Instagram @glenwoodclimbingguides)

Selah Schneiter won in five days one of the most difficult walls in the world, because it is made of smooth granite, one of the most difficult to climb.

A 10 year old girl  became  the youngest person  on record will have  to climb El Capitan , a rock formation of over a thousand meters high located in  Yosemite National Park in  California ,  United States .

Selah Schneiter , from the state of  Colorado ,  needed five days to climb one of the most iconic evidence  that is in the world. Wall, made of granite practically naked, that is, smooth, is one of the main challenges for experts.

The lowest  ended his adventure last week . In the final section, he received help and advice from his father, veteran climber, and his family, who are also engaged in the same discipline.

Father, Mike Schneiter said a local television that he and a family friend, Mark Regier,  followed by the lower back to the top , from where you can see all the Yosemite Park.

«We were little by little , « said the girl to the chain  KSF-TV  on the method they took to climb El Capitan. His father confirmed that  the entire family is Stairmaster and fell in love with Joy , the mother of Selah , precisely while climbing the famous granite wall.

To reach the top, also  can be take a path  through the opposite end of the rock formation through  Yosemite Valley , where one need not be an expert climber.

The youngest of the family  Schneiter , according to his father,  began to mourn , excited, when he reached the top, known as the » nose «. » I can not believe I just did , » said Selah .

«Met a goal that was long ago , » he wrote his father in his account Instagram . «It’s one of our favorite places to climb,  is an idyllic summer destination , » he added.

Until last week,  the youngest climber  to complete the smooth wall of El Capitan was the boy  Scott Cory, 11 , who climbed the granite twice in the summer of 2001.

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